Invention Convention – Scratch + Makey Makey

$225.00 $202.50

Dates 6/10/19-6/14/19
Minimum Age 7 years old
Technology Used Makey Makey

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Makey Makey allows you to create your own controller for any computer game! Learn how electricity is used to send signals along a closed circuit. Explore new and innovative ways of interacting with a variety of programs and hardware.


This course teaches the basics of electrical engineering by showing how the flow of electricity is used in technology. Students will also be flexing their creative skills by inventing new types of input for computers.

Students will leave this course with a better understanding of how devices like keyboards, mice, and controllers function and why easy computer interaction is so important.

The Makey Makey is required for this course. Bring your own or buy one here, now, and we’ll have it for you on the first day of camp. The cost is $49.95.

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