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This course is designed for older beginners and intermediate level coders. We will focus on using an Independent Development Environment (IDE) to rapidly create fun and modern 2D games for any web browser! You will learn everything needed to make web games quickly and with relative ease. From layers to writing event-driven code, this course introduces students to the concepts they will need to create video games on a professional level.

Build on your game creation knowledge. Now that you have created a game, we will delve deeper into the true power of the IDE. We will create a game that utilizes the built-in tools provided to us along with algorithms that we will develop together as a team. Level up your coding vocabulary as we introduce you to the mainstream programming model known as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Create code like you see the world as you create Objects and give them properties and functions to perform during gameplay. We will teach these concepts while walking you through how to create your very own video games.

Instructions for joining the online course and virtual classroom will be sent to you via email after registration and before the start date.


You will be introduced to Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as Encapsulation and Objects. By using these concepts, you will write code that looks more and more like professional level programs. You will create your first User Interface and learn the importance of a properly designed game flow. We will explore physics-based movement and become less dependent on pre-written behaviors. You build your ability to create custom solutions to your game development needs.

In this course, your student will:


We believe it all starts with WHY we code. We explore real-world applications and learn core practices of computer science to describe the behaviors and ways of thinking to fully engage in today’s data-rich and interconnected world.


Build the fundamental computer science and software engineering concept knowledge required to create something you love with code.


Challenge your imagination and creative problem-solving skills by applying the new practices and concepts you’ve learned. Discover ways to be innovative, amplify your ideas with code, and build a brighter future for everyone!

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