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Everything that you see when using the web is a combination of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn to create your own online games, web apps, and websites that you can share with your family and friends! Amaze people, and yourself, with your creations as you play with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. Already familiar with web development? Increase your skills by mastering intermediate and advanced front-end development projects.

Learning web development goes beyond than just developing websites. Many students learn web development to increase their knowledge and become more empowered within their community. Web technologies are a big part of almost everything we do these days, so with working understanding of how the World Wide Web truly functions is extremely valuable. Those that master the knowledge can quickly contribute their voice, big ideas, and personal or professional perspectives to the world at large.

Graphic designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, cyber defenders, network analysts, and digital marketers are just some of the professions that will benefit from learning the fundamentals of web development. Last but now least, high school and college students who build and practice these skills over time will find lucrative internships, professional work, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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This course will teach you all you need to know to create your own website. You will understand the difference between HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. You will learn the correct usage of each of these tools and how to integrate all three into any website you can imagine. By the end of this course you’ll be ready to take on the Agar.io JavaScript Course and add interactive javascript to a portfolio page on your website.

In this course, your student will:


We believe it all starts with WHY we code. We explore real-world applications and learn core practices of computer science to describe the behaviors and ways of thinking to fully engage in today’s data-rich and interconnected world.


Build the fundamental computer science and software engineering concept knowledge required to create something you love with code.


Challenge your imagination and creative problem-solving skills by applying the new practices and concepts you’ve learned. Discover ways to be innovative, amplify your ideas with code, and build a brighter future for everyone!

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