Python Level 2 – CS Homeschool Series


Location Brevard County
Dates 2/26/19
Time 10 am - 12 pm
Technology Used Python
Requirements Computer, Internet connection, Microphone, Modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox are recommended), Speakers or headphones, Web Cam
Minimum Students 5
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Already worked through “Hello World” and have a basic understanding of classes, variables, and functions? Dive deeper into the world of Python programming with this intermediate level course. We review the basics of Object-Oriented programming concepts using Classes, Variables, and Functions to jump into text-based adventure and game making projects that build a solid foundation of not only Python programming skills, but also problem solving and critical thinking skills that can be utilized in a variety of coding languages.

Time will FLY in this online course designed for older beginners and intermediate level coders. Instructions for joining the online course and virtual classroom will be sent to you via email after registration and before the start date. The cost of $144 covers the full six-week series.


Students will use Python and Python Libraries to create games and text-based adventures. Students will be able to utilize these concepts plus loops, functions, and variables to create small-scale projects such as quizzes and text adventure games.

In this course, your student will:


We believe it all starts with WHY we code. We explore real-world applications and learn core practices of computer science to describe the behaviors and ways of thinking to fully engage in today’s data-rich and interconnected world.


Build the fundamental computer science and software engineering concept knowledge required to create something you love with code.


Challenge your imagination and creative problem-solving skills by applying the new practices and concepts you’ve learned. Discover ways to be innovative, amplify your ideas with code, and build a brighter future for everyone!

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