Python Level 3 – CS Homeschool Series



Complete your Python journey in this final level of learning. This course builds on the lessons from Python Power 2. We will revisit Object-Oriented programming and explore the possibilities and power of APIs. Students will learn how to tap into data services and use that information for their own purposes. Students will be given the opportunity to design their very own projects with this concept as a centerpiece. These projects will include custom graphics, animation, and sound.

Instructions for joining the online course and virtual classroom will be sent to you via email after registration and before the start date. The cost of $144 covers the full six-week series.


This course is designed to solidify your Python knowledge. You will understand how to extend the power of Python through the use of APIs. You will connect to these tools to create your very own application. You will learn how data can be used to shape how your application can react to a situation in the real world. You will also build your knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and how it is used to create a medium scale project.

In this course, your student will:


The tools useable by developers are vast. Students will explore the many different ways they can leverage open source work from the online community to increase the viability of their own projects.


Build an application that uses real world information collected from a large area in a meaningful way.


Challenge your imagination and creative problem-solving skills by applying the new practices and concepts you’ve learned. Discover ways to be innovative, amplify your ideas with code, and build a brighter future for everyone!

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