Unity Game Development Lab

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Take your coding skills to the next level with this advance game development course. Unity is an industry standard free tool used to rapidly develop popular video games such as Hearthstone, Cuphead, and Subnautica. Students will learn how to utilize a combination of a 3D Editor and the C# programming language to control their video games. Students will build a much deeper understanding of programming vocabulary and concepts while following this tutorial based course. Learn how to combine all of the tools used by industry professionals to create a multiplatform project.

Objective This course is designed to introduce the use of a Game Engine into game development. You will learn how to use a visual level design tool in conjunction with a programming language to create a video game. You will learn how writing Object-Oriented programming makes code extremely reusable and scalable. You will also build your knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and how it is used to create a complex project. This course will build your software engineering vocabulary with a focus on game development topics.

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